Client Hertz Category Design

The hardships of traveling often compound when driving in a new city. The lack of local wisdom becomes apparent—navigating traffic cannot be avoided by sneaky shortcuts and local landmarks, while coordinating on the move with colleagues or vacation spots becomes a nightmare. Worst off, your rental car company often bears the brunt as host of this experience.

We partnered with Hertz to enhance the familiar GPS navigation systems and impress drivers and passengers with an in-car tablet. Most discussion centered on the look and feel and its the navigation paradigm, and I was brought in last minute as the pinch hitter to ensure the product worked seamlessly. My work focused on a feature review and reconciling use of design patterns and completing user flows. In particular, there were a two broad areas that required attention: handling calls of tethered phones within the tablet’s user interface, consistent application of design patterns across both free and premium features. Design decisions are reflected in the deployment of the New Neverlost.

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