An insurance company wanted a cutting-edge method for their diverse sales force to delivery consistent, best-in-class presentations to high-level executives. We led a discovery that involved interviewing their marketing team and field representatives, gaining access to their intranet and reviewing presentations to understand their workflows, current systems and outputs. The insights pivoted the direction away from document editing software towards a mobile delivery system that allows for seamlessly adapting presentation on-the-fly.

My role as lead user researcher and designer involved:

  • Leading development of interview guides
  • Leading interviews with employees to identify their needs and workflows
  • Reviewing current systems and presentations to identify business requirements
  • Recommending the change in design concept based on primary research
  • Creating userflows and wireframes to illustrate the concept and document for development
  • Collaborate with engineers to determine the technical requirements
  • Partnering with visual designers to evolve its visual language and style guide

Samples are available upon request