An automotive company wanted to understand how to connect its charitable giving with its customers’ driving experience. We conceived a mobile app for its customers that collects information about their drive, provides positive feedback to help them drive smarter and make every mile matter through donations to causes of their choice. In order to pilot this concept, we established a digital platform that could be scaled for additional inputs and features and developed a test plan to evaluate driver interest in the concept, brand perception, and possible feature enhancements.

As the lead interaction designer, my effort included:

  • Conducting an informal review of the competitive landscape
  • Collaborating with engineers to identify implications of integration and backend requirements
  • Assembling the functional requirements and specifications
  • Identifying interaction paradigms that brought the concept to life
  • Creating key user flows and detailed interaction design
  • Designing administrator view to report analytics
  • Partnering with consumer insight for recruitment and evaluation plan during pilot
  • Collaborating with statisticians to build and test the point system for rewards
  • Ensuring focus on the experience through the visual design and the technical build

Samples are available upon request