Client Land Rover Category Design

The distinctive car manufacturer Land Rover needed to translate its hallmark engineering and luxury style into the redesign of its global website. My focus was to create a vehicle configurator that fit styleguides, industry standards and technical constraints but also met expectations of customers and aspirants alike.

My role as the interaction designer in this effort included:

  • Gathering requirements and early ideation through affinity diagramming
  • Conducting the design exploration using iterative sketching
  • Building storyboards and wireframes that illustrated engaging user interactions
  • Identify decisions points in the journey to offer additional support, flexibility and personalization


Affinity Diagram of Requirements and Ideas
I traveled to the London office for briefing and a crash-course on the industry and the competition. I used the method of affinity diagramming in order to record and consolidate standards, requirements, needs and opportunities. In this way, I was quickly able to both ground myself in the details and identify open questions for further probing.

Notes Affinity Diagram

Engaging in Design Exploration
The design exploration involved sketching for a multiple iterations. Initially, I identified states of the system and blocked out areas of focus for key states. Soon I began exploring a variety of interaction paradigms and their implications on structure, functionality and content areas.

DesignExploration_DSCN6343 DesignExploration_DSCN6340

Building Storyboards
Feedback on interactions become increasingly important during the design process, so I constructed mid-fidelity wireframes and put together storyboards to display animated sequences. The copy and design elements provided the right mix to indicate the visual direction and still facilitate stakeholder input.

Storyboarding Animations Storyboarding Interactions

Execution and Evolution
As the project moved forward, additional technical constraints emerged that limited the fluidity in animation and overall interactivity. I worked to ensure that key features were still feasible—especially novel interactions that differentiated the configuration and reflected the brand.

Recommendations Notable

The final result launched with additional support, flexibility and personalization for consumers and brand loyalist alike. The appeal for these features was clear; they were highlighted and extended as the tech and business requirements evolved.

Additional samples are available upon request